This adnetwork is a powerful, feature rich, fully customizable PayPerClick networking script, which brings both advertiser and publisher under a single roof.

This adnetwork is a powerful, feature rich, fully customizable PayPerClick networking script, which brings both advertiser and publisher under a single roof. The registered advertiser can post their text/ banner/catalog PayPerClick (PPC) ads with simple steps. Publishers can create ad display units and use it in their websites to show ads relevant to their page content. You can completely control your revenue from the system by adjusting the minimum click bid value as well as the percentage of click bids that you would share with publishers. The system comes with support for load balancing across multiple servers which means you never need to worry about performance bottlenecks. Easily manageable background images and themes which helps you to create a new look. Also the system comes in 14 languages and you can add more. The site targeting enhances the reliability of your publishers and eventually your adnetwork. The data backup facility ensures the security of your data. The new customizable front end let you to make the script your own.

  • Manage Advertisers

    You can manage your advertisers in a better way. You can review their ads and if you find it inappropriate for your terms, you may block their accounts. You can check the complete profile of an advertiser which contains information about ads posted by the advertiser, click statistics of the advertiser and payment history. Also, you have the option for adding funds to advertiser's bonus/account balance.

  • Manage Publishers

    It allows you to manage your publishers effectively than ever. You can review each publisher accounts before approving the same. The system allows you to specify the click bid percentage to be shared with publishers. You can get details about the click and profit statistics, fraud statistics and withdrawal history any time. The robust and improved fraud control measures allow you to monitor, warn and block suspicious publishers.

  • Single-sign-on Accounts

    Allows you to run your system in single-sign-on mode wherein a single registration as well as a single login is enough to get access to both advertiser and publisher accounts. Needless to say, you can switch between single-sign-on and dual-sign-on any time.

  • Customizable Front-end

    It is a fully customizable script. You can change the look and feel of your script by adding elegant background images, advertiser image, publisher image and home page slide images, directly from admin area.

  • Spam Account Filtering

    Admin can control the default registration status of publishers and advertisers and thereby restrict spam registrations. Also, the system prevents spam user registrations by enforcing email verification.

  • Coupon Codes for Advertisers

    ​Admin can define coupon codes for advertisers from his control panel. Advertisers can redeem these at the time of registration or adding funds. adnetwork allows you to define single use and multi-use coupons which can be flat rate or percentage based. ​

  • Manage Ads

    It allows your advertisers to create text, banner, catalog and swf ads. You can control the minimum bid value that can be assigned to the ads from your control panel. The pending state of ads helps you to review and approve/reject/delete ads awaiting approval. You can also search for ads by keywords or id and get the details like target keywords, target locations and statistics.

  • Manage WAP Ads

    The system now comes with support for WAP targeted text, banner and catalog ads which can be rendered on WAP 2.0 supported devices using special wap ad display codes.

  • Manage Keywords

    You can completely control the keywords used in your system. You can also restrict some keywords by adding them to ignore list. Additionally you have the option to keep new keywords pending until you review them.

  • Geo Targeting

    By default, all ads will be targeted worldwide. But your advertisers can change this and target their ads to specific geographical locations using the Geo Targeting feature in adnetwork.

  • Language Targeting

    Your advertisers can now specify target languages for their ads. If they specify target language, their ads will be displayed only in ad display units matching their language preference.

  • Reliable Site Targeting

    This optional feature emphasizes the reliability of your publishers and eventually your adnetwork. With this feature you can now manage publisher sites where your advertiser's ads are to be displayed. Publisher's can display ads only after the admin approve their websites. This sorting will help your adnetwork script to dominate in the advertising market, and will help to attract more advertisers.

  • Effective Adult Filtering

    With this option publishers can manage their ad unit content. Ads with 'adult only' content will not be displayed in publisher's ad display unit, until they allow it. Admin can also manage adult status for each ads. This feature enables the publishers to filter their ad unit display content.

  • Public Service Ads

    You can add public service, non-commercial ads from the admin area, so that you can ensure that there will always be some ads showing up even if paid ads do not exist for certain keywords.

  • Ad Blocks and Ad Display Units

    It comes with many predefined ad blocks. Additionally, admin can easily create new ad blocks of his preference. Ad display units are created based on these ad blocks, which is used to display ads on websites. Various options like ad display unit for search pages, ad display unit for content pages, ad display unit for wap pages are available by default.


    By Using XML API, you have the option to receive the ads in XML format and display them in a customized format of your preference. Also, you have the opportunity to sell ads to third party adnetworks, resulting in additional monetary benefit. You may also enable/disable the XML API for selected publishers.

  • Adsense Like Ad Display Code

    Now showing the ads is just simple as just putting a piece of code in the page where you want to display the ads. You can manage the style of the ad display units from your control panel and there is no need to replace the code every time.

  • Code for Search/Content

    ​The system allows to generate the ad unit display code for search engine result pages and for content pages. While code for search pages display ads based on search keywords, code for content page will automatically identify the content of the page from the page title and meta tags and display relevant ads.

  • Sticky Ad units

    It supports sticky ad display units which are shown as a separate layer on the top of web page content. You can place these ad display units statically on any corner of the web page so that it scrolls with page content.

  • Inline Ad Units

    You can now display inline ads using adnetwork where, relevant keywords of a page are double underlined and when mouse is hovered over such keywords, ads are displayed near the keyword as a layer on top of the page content.

  • Effective Splash Ad Units

    It supports splash ad display units which are shown as a separate layer on the top of web page content. You can place this ad display units on the web page so that it scrolls with page content.

  • Restrict Ads in Ad units

    ​​Your publishers can block the ads of certain specified domains from their ad display units. They can modify the list of such restricted domains for each ad display unit separately. Thus, they can filter out their competitor ads from their ad display units.

  • Show Ads in Unlimited Websites

    ​Administrator and publishers can place their ad display units in any number of websites and can thereby increase clicks and revenue.

  • Ad Rotation Settings

    ​It allows you to configure ad rotation preference to random or based on click bid alone/click bid + ctr/click bid + ctr + ageing. Thus the system has the capability to ensure that all the ads in the system have a chance to be displayed even if the click value is less, the choice is up to you.

  • adnetwork Operation Mode

    Admin can configure the system to function in a fully keyword based mode or fully keyword independent mode or a combination of both.

  • Repetitive Click Tracking

    It is capable of identifying repeated clicks. The system will allow a particular visitor to click on a particular ad, only once in a day (this time period is configurable). Subsequent clicks will not be counted as valid clicks. But your visitors may click on a separate ad and it will be counted as valid. As the quality of clicks is ensured in our system, your advertisers will post their ads again in your advertising service.

  • Fraudulent/Invalid Click Tracking

    It will notify you if any of your publisher himself clicks on the ads shown in his website. These clicks will be considered as fraudulent clicks and will not be counted. adnetwork can track invalid clicks also. Clicks are treated as invalid, if they are from ip's where ads are not delivered. You can login to your admin area and check how many fraudulent/invalid clicks your publishers had made. If necessary you may warn/block fraudulent publishers.

  • Proxy Click Tracking

    A configurable proxy click detection mechanism further enhances the quality of clicks sent to your advertisers.

  • Bot Click Tracking

    It will also detect clicks sent using automated software and can route such clicks through captcha verification. Advanced Statistics

    It captures clicks and impressions related information as raw data and process these data to build compressed statistical data. The raw statistical data is cleared after the required statistics is built thereby reducing your disk space usage. These statistics are presented before the administrator and the users comprehensively with at most ease of interpretation.

  • Referral System

    We also provide an optional feature called referral system which can be used to promote your adnetwork. Admin can provide referral links to the publishers for promoting the adnetwork and define a click based percentage for publishers as referral commission.

  • Check, Bank and Paypal Payment Options

    Now you can enable/disable check, bank and paypal payment options for advertisers according to your preference.

  • Payment Gateway

    You can now accept card payments from advertisers using payment gateway.

  • Revenue Booster

    You can enable/disable revenue booster and set the boosting level to increase the revenue you can earn.

  • Publisher Withdrawal Processing

    It allows your publishers to raise a withdrawal request when they have enough balance. Admin can enable paypal, check or bank payments for publishers and process their request.

  • Priority Email Support Desk

    Allows your advertisers and publishers to get support from you using a priority based email support desk.

  • Caching of Ad Display

    A configurable caching system is employed in adnetwork to reduce the system overload by caching the ad of every ad display units.

  • Load Balancing

    It relies on MySql replication technology to distribute ad queries from different publishers to different servers and balance the load, making the system immune to performance lags.

  • 100% Secure

    Now with the adnetwork you have the option to periodically backup the database. You can either backup database tables individually or as an entire database. This will help you to protect your data from server crashes and other data loss. The system will keep a copy of database in server too.

  • Export Advertisers and Publishers

    With this feature you can export the details of your advertisers and publishers. It helps you to document your user's details based on different status level in csv format. Status levels include "active", "pending", "blocked" etc.

  • Multilanguage Support

    It supports multi-language in user pages, ads and ad display units. The system comes with 14 different preloaded languages and you can add more if you wish.

  • Expose Your Partners to the World

    Both advertiser and publisher can upload their logos, so that you can display it in adnetwork home page. Admin also can also upload his partner's logos. This feature lets you expose your eminent partners to the world.


    Username: publisher | Password: publisher


    Username: advertiser | Password: advertiser


    Username: admin | Password: admin